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TD wins Training Magazine Award for the 10th consecutive year

We are proud to announce that TD has been included in Training Magazine’s Top 125 list for the 10th consecutive year!

The Training Top 125 recognizes organizational excellence in employer-sponsored learning and development programs. Organizations are measured by the efficiency, effectiveness and impact of their overarching learning and development function, and specific learning initiatives.

Training magazine is the leading business publication for learning and development and HR professionals. For over 50 years, it has been a trusted source for innovative learning and development.

A key initiative that led to our 2017 Training Top 125 award was our Direct Investing Onboarding program. Our unique and inclusive employee culture is core to our TD brand. This program pays special consideration to all of our employees varying capabilities and diverse learning styles and combines in-class sessions and on-the-job training. It leverages multiple learning vehicles including, interactive eLearning and PDFs, business cases, call shadowing, self-reflection, and coaching.

Participant capabilities are measured during this program through scenario-based eLearning and online quizzes. Upon completion, participants receive immediate feedback on their responses including “points” towards capabilities that have been developed. Results are used by our facilitators and People Managers to deliver personalized refresher sessions, targeting coaching opportunities.

After learners completed the program, they demonstrated a 57% increase in job efficiency and 23% higher sales revenues.

To learn more, visit the Training Magazine website .