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Choosing one of the Best Workplaces in Canada

Our colleagues make TD an extraordinary place to work

Last night TD was recognized by The Great Place to Work® Institute as one of the Best Workplaces in Canada for the twelfth straight year.

This time last year , Anne Ethier, one of the bank’s longest tenured Canadian employees, accepted the award on TD’s behalf and shared her unique perspective on what makes TD a great place to build a life-long career.   

This year, we spoke to Winston Tran, who recently made the decision to join the bank a little over a year ago, to find out more about the path that led him to TD. Winston is currently a Manager in the Strategy, Planning and Sales Team within Digital Channels and in his final rotation of the Graduate Leadership Program.

 Welcome to TD! How did you make the decision to join the bank?

After completing my MBA, it was clear that TD’s Graduate Leadership Program would offer the right opportunities to further my leadership skills. And when I was comparing graduate leadership programs at other organizations everyone I asked said that TD’s culture was amazing and is unlike anywhere else.

 Has TD lived up to your expectations?

Absolutely! I have definitely experienced what everyone was talking about – that TD has a unique and special culture because of the people.  People at TD are friendly, collaborative and supportive. Our culture is built on inclusivity, diversity of thought and respect for one another.

 What has surprised you about TD?

Honestly, how much we focus on the customer experience and how we look at everything through our customer’s point of view surprised me.  I knew this was a huge priority for TD but I didn’t realize how deeply this was rooted in everything we do.

Also, that leadership supports employees to get involved in any volunteer initiatives that are meaningful to us – whether it’s inside or outside of the bank.

 In your opinion why is TD a great place to work?

There are two things that have stood out in my experience. One reason is that leadership cares so much about developing our people. My mentor has helped me through so much. I can tell her anything – with no judgement.

Second, there are so many opportunities at TD to give back to the community. So far, I have worked with: Junior Achievement teaching Financial Education, leading various LGBTA initiatives, the Ronald McDonald House and Circle of Care through United Way.

I truly believe volunteering allows us to develop ourselves, whatever our goals might be, in an environment where you are not being rated on performance.

What makes you feel great about building your career at TD?

Being able to get up every day and know that my work has an impact on the team and the organization. Knowing that my opinion matters here, that they are supported by leadership – and when I get to see my ideas come to life through the work that we do as a team – that makes TD a great place to work.

 Thank you, Winston, for sharing your story. We wish you all the best as you grow your career at TD!

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