Make an impact in communities where you live, work and play.

Protecting our Environment

Protecting and enhancing our environment is an important part of TD Bank’s history – and is essential to our future. We were the first North American-based bank to go completely carbon neutral, and we’re continuously working to integrate environmental responsibility into every aspect of our business. From offering paperless billing to helping customers finance and insure fuel efficient cars, we provide the price-competitive green product options our customers want.

We recognize that our commitment to the environment should extend past our own business operation. That’s why we work with our clients and stakeholders to proactively mitigate environmental and related social risks in our financing activities. We also support green projects in the community with corporate giving, employee volunteering and our TD Friends of the Environment Foundation. Through these initiatives, we aim to:

  • promote environmental education and community engagement
  • green our urban environment and enhance biodiversity
  • encourage and incorporate energy conservation.

At TD, we believe that together with our customers and communities, we can make a genuine impact on the world – by making less of an impact on the environment.

Art for Trees, A TD Forests project.
Ten artists brought together by the vision of a greener NYC.
“I help the viewer ask what is my relationship to the natural world. How can I see things and experience things that I don’t understand?”.
“You know it’s got to start somewhere, so a hundred year old tree had to grow from a little seedling”.
“It was almost like I couldn’t say no to a tree”.
“I wanted to bring that awareness in a very New York context”.
116 art installations throughout the five boroughs.
3 pop-up galleries blooming overnight.
The Highline. Waldorf Astoria.
Grand Central Terminal.
“So it’s really engaging people, and they’re reacting to different pieces. It affects different people in different ways, so it’s really something exciting, and they’re really excited to see that TD Bank is doing something like this”.
“This particular piece is live, Makes it special”.
“Having a company support the green spaces it makes you want to support that company in turn, because they’re supporting things that you care about”.
“They’re really helping the future generations”.
“We need more green space in our lives here, and this is a great way to do it”.
And thousands of New Yorkers inspired by the mission of planting one million trees. A millions thanks to our partners, supporters and the city of New York.
Your support has helped secure urban forests now and for future generations.
Trees New York.
NYRP New York Restoration Project.
Friends of the High Line.
Brooklyn Botanic Garden.
milliontreesNYC. A plaNYC initiative with NYC parks and New Yourk Restoration Project.END OF TRANSCRIPT