Make an impact in communities where you live, work and play.

Protecting our Environment

Protecting and enhancing our environment is an important part of TD Bank’s history – and is essential to our future. We were the first North American-based bank to go completely carbon neutral, and we’re continuously working to integrate environmental responsibility into every aspect of our business. From offering paperless billing to helping customers finance and insure fuel efficient cars, we provide the price-competitive green product options our customers want.

We recognize that our commitment to the environment should extend past our own business operation. That’s why we work with our clients and stakeholders to proactively mitigate environmental and related social risks in our financing activities. We also support green projects in the community with corporate giving, employee volunteering and our TD Friends of the Environment Foundation. Through these initiatives, we aim to:

  • promote environmental education and community engagement
  • green our urban environment and enhance biodiversity
  • encourage and incorporate energy conservation.

At TD, we believe that together with our customers and communities, we can make a genuine impact on the world – by making less of an impact on the environment.

Since 2011, TD employees and their families have volunteered alongside staff and clients to help green the campuses of several leading mental health hospitals across Canada.
In 2014, TD Friends of the Environment Foundation saw another opportunity to bring to life TD’s commitment to diversity and inclusion for people with disabilities through two new TD Tree Days events.
We held our first planting with the Deaf community in Milton, Ontario, as well as our first planting with visually impaired and blind volunteers in Etobicoke, Ontario.
TD Tree Days, Deaf Community Planting. Kelso Quarry, Milton, Ontario.
Sohail Ilyas, Claim Support Admin Officer, TD Bank Group, says “it’s been inspiring to watch both deaf and hearing cultures come together. They’re growing, like the trees in life. I want to thank TD for its impact. To our volunteers, our customers, and fellow employees, thank you”.
Richard Guzman, OPS Service Officer, Fraud Claims, TD Bank Group, says “I’m a deaf employee. I’ve been with TD a number of years and I’m very proud of TD for its support of this community event, but not only that, for its support of diversity in so many other facets. TD is recognized and known for always putting its customers first. I’m honoured to work with an organization that shares so many values similar to my own. I also deeply appreciate the opportunity to be here and support an idea for an event that would bring deaf and hearing cultuers together with an opportunity to socialize and learn some ASL (American Sign Language). But first and foremost I want to say I’m proud to work with TD”.
TD Tree Days Planting with Blind and Visually Impaired, Centennial Park, Etobicoke, Ontario.
Pradeep Sinha, AVP Operations, TD Wealth, says “We are planting six hundred trees today. That’s out of fifty thousand trees that we are going to plant as part of TD Tree Days. We are making tree planting accessible to peopel from CNIB (Canadian National Institute for the Blind). I find this is a great day where we are making it accessible and supporting people”.
Chris McLean, Regional Director, Ontario Division CNIB, says “TD has been a supporter for CNIB in many ways over the years. We have a lot of volunteers and clients who are behind us today, who are engaging in planting trees and working with some of our services workers. And they’re learning and getting the ground work done for learning some new ways to do some activities.
Nancy Herman, AVP TD Wealth, says “We’re making a difference, but we’re also being very inclusive. And I truly believe that’s what TD is about. That’s our brand, that’s what we love to do, and quite frankly I think we’re pretty good at it”.
TD Friends of the Environment Foundation.