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Data & Analytics

Data and analytics is at the heart of everything we do at TD. Insightful data and analytics enable deeper relationships and deliver more personalized experiences for our customers. Advancing data-related capabilities is one of our five strategic priorities at TD, and our data and analytics teams work closely with each business to make that happen.

We’re looking for innovative data and analytics talent. Whether it’s developing machine learning and AI-powered predictive insights, evolving our data platforms and systems, or advancing our data management capabilities, your work will impact more than 25 million customers and 85,000 employees across TD’s banking, wealth, insurance and corporate businesses.

Are you…
  • Excited to solve complex business issues with data-driven insights?
  • Looking to develop enhanced and personalized customer experiences?
  • Ready to help transform TD’s use of data and technology?
Take a look at our current openings:

Come join us on our journey to become the leading data-driven bank.

Make your mark
in data science, advanced analytics, business intelligence and data management.

Develop new strategies and solutions
to benefit our customers, colleagues and communities.

Join our dynamic team
to shape the data-driven future and find countless opportunities to grow and learn.

This Is Data Analytics @TD.

Why did you want to join TD?
Hira Fatima, Manager, Customer Experience, Digital says: “So, I wanted to join TD because when you work in an organization where your personal values align and resonate well, it’s easier to be a part of that organization and feel like you’re a part of that organization.”
Katherine Heighington, Manager, Data Science says: “I wanted to join TD because they have lots of data, there’s lots of really smart people here and there’s a great culture to learn from your coworkers.”

What is your favourite part about your job?
Katherine says: “My favourite part about my job is the fact that I’m given problems and then it’s up to me to try and figure out what’s the best way to solve them.”
Hira says: “In terms of data analytics, I’m like, always using data and analytics to drive decision making. The fun part is I get to tell stories using data.”

What does your future at TD look like?
Katherine says: “I’m real excited for my future at TD because there’s a lot of options open to me. I can look to go into more of a management stream and work my way up that way, or you can also go more technical and stay as an individual contributor.”
Hira says: “So, my future at TD, I’m going to say, sky is the limit.”

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“We are transforming the Bank into a truly data-driven organization. We want to leverage our data to drive outstanding customer interactions, optimized business decisions and effective operational processes and, while we’re investing in the tools and technology to do this, we can’t do it without great people. If you’re interested in being part of this large-scale transformation, then come and be part of our journey.”
– Christian Nelissen, SVP, Enterprise Data & Analytics

“Good business insights start with quality data. We collaborate with partners across the Bank, helping them to effectively manage their data, and make sure it is accessible, accurate and available. This lays the groundwork for the innovative analytics work we do that drives value for our customers, colleagues and communities.”
– Ceylan Goktalay, AVP, Enterprise Data Governance
“AI and Analytics are evolving at a rapid pace and revolutionizing the financial services industry. With a vast amount of data and cutting-edge technology, TD offers an exciting opportunity for data scientists to conduct meaningful work that impacts the real world.”
– Dean Rootenberg, Senior Manager, Enterprise Analytics
“In this data-driven world, data and analytics sits at the forefront of banking. At TD, we’re working to build a modern data and analytics platform, one that supports innovative ways to work with data and unlock new insights we’ve never seen before.”
– Melissa Singh, Senior Manager, Enterprise Data, Analytics & Reporting Enablement