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Our store locations are at the heart of our customer service offering – and our managers make sure everything runs smoothly. This group manages an account portfolio that includes deposits, loans, fees and expenses, using effective sales management skills to help achieve our goals.

We might work in the world of numbers, but our business is built by people. Our Store Management professionals lead, coach and motivate our store teams, helping our people become the best they can be. Because when our people are able to reach their full potential, they’re better equipped to deliver legendary customer experiences.

Our Store Managers are essential to the future of our stores. Responsible for the overall performance of the store, these individuals thrive on challenge, using a combination of intuition and big-picture perspective to increase shareholder value and better our bank. Their leadership helps enable the success of our people – and our business.

Why TD? Explore a retail career at TD Bank.
What does your career path look like at TD?
Shakira Spence, Customer Service Representative, says “I have conversations regularly with my manager about where I see myself in TD Bank in the future. And I feel that every day when I’m dealing with people it prepares me for anywhwere I want to go within the organization”.
What’s leadership like at TD?
Melissa Hays, Store Manager, says “Leadership at TD from the top down is very committed to the employees offering opportunities to the employees and developing them so they can grow within the company.
How does TD support you outside of work?
Raven Pilgrim, Head Teller, says “TD Bank supported me outside of work. I was able to work part time and still have enough time to spend at home with my family”.
What is the best part of your job?
Devindra Sawh, Financial Services Representative, says “I love working for TD. It’s more of a family to me than a corporation.I’ve been with the company for about five years and it’s so easy to speak to everyone from the tellers on up to the Regional Managers”.
Melissa Hays says “The best part of my job as a Store Manager at TD is when I’m out doing business development and getting to meet people in all different types of industries, learning where they came from, getting to tell them where I came from as well as telling them the story TD Bank”.
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